Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I need to quit taking pictures...

But it's just so fun! >_<

I was experimenting with colored lights today. This is what I got.

Her name is Lilith, in case anyone's wondering. :P

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New computer equals a ton of new pictures! XD

So I made three new sims to commemorate the awesomeness that is my new computer, and rather than take up an entire thread on the forums with them (and have to upload them all and copy their links) I'm going to upload them all here. So get ready for... PIC SPAM!!!

This is Abigail Barnes, one of my new sims. She started off being CC free (she was a randomized sim when I was testing my game), but obviously we can't let that happen. ;)

This little beauty is Alexia Crowell. Don't let the name fool you - she's a rebel. You can tell by the skull on her dress. ;P 
She kind of looks like she's fantasizing about eating him. O_O

"Ugh, is he done talking yet??"

The blonde is Harah Florence (courtesy of simsgal2227 for the first name ;)). I realized I don't make many blondes (my personal preference is, well, anything but blonde), so I threw her in for diversity.

I don't know why they both look so upset...

Sims in fires crack me up. Abigail back there is about to head to work, and her face did that weird freezing thing where even though she's panicking she looks all aloof. It creeped me out.

See? Abigail in the background just smilin' away. *smh*

I don't even wanna know what's going on here...

Bahaha, child glitch. xD Reminds me of Mike Teevee from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. xD

"Hmm, let's try this." "Uh, what is that?"

Chick in the background looks kinda scary. Like, SHE'S the reason he's having medical issues. xD

"Oh no, what if they find out about that vial of poison I made him swallow??"

"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." "Er, you sure?"

Abi accidentally walked in on Harah in the bathroom. >_> I don't know why her "uncomfortable/embarrassed" face looks like she's in pain though...

"Wait, I think I'm seeing something in your future..." "Er, do you have to touch my face?" "You guys are retarded, I'm gonna chill in the fairy house."

She looks slightly constipated... XD

Her face just made me laugh. XD

Slumber party!

I was controlling Abigail for a minute, so when she came home I noticed these two were all lovey-dovey. I don't know how it happened, but I kinda like it. :3

Goin' in for the kiss. <3

They sure do love lookin' at the stars. :)

I love the askee's facial expressions here. They're just so unaware and adorable. :3 Especially Alexia.

AND THIS. The adorable little hand squeeze they do before they sit back and get all comfy. It's so freaking cute!

"I'm getting something..." "I'm late for work... and why are you naked?!"

"It's a full moon, why shouldn't I be naked?" "You have got to be kidding me..."

Fireworks at the graveyard! Did you know if you light them off there you get PAID for it?! :O I didn't until last night! :)

Sorry. The airplane amused me. I wasn't prepared for it though so that's why it's not centered.

Alexia playfully pestering Harah. It's so cute. :3

Her face here makes me laugh. "Oh, yeah, skinny dipping in the middle of my yard! Who gives a fuck? Not me!"

Alexia... She kills me. xD "Oh yeah, I gots the moves."

"Hey, you know what we should do?" *hint hint wink wink* "What?????"

"You know... WOOHOO!" "Oh yeah!" 
"Yeah, we should totally do that!" "Mwuahahaha!" 

Yeah. Risky woohoo in the hot tub. That's a good bet, girls.

They must be really into each other, 'cause then they wanted to woohoo in the fairy house. Which I don't understand, 'cause Harah's not a fairy...

But they did it. Somehow.

I thought this was Alexia turning Harah into a fairy. No such luck. :( I was sad.

Oh look, Alexia's preggo. That's gonna be awkward. But at least her dress is a decent color. Not sure how well it works with the fishnets though. xD
Making the flowers bloom. See, she does have a soft side after all!

I did warn you it was a pic spam. :P I'll leave it here for now and post more when Alexia has her baby. :)

Though I'm sure no one cares. But it amuses me, so that's cool. ;P